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Watch 29 Days of Weirdo CGI in 71 Seconds

Cool 3D World's new Vine compilation might be the most bizarre thing to come out of February.
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Where can you find screaming gelatinous blobs, babies behaving badly, and medieval soldiers riding a lizard to a laundromat all in one place? Only in the February Vine Compilation released today by Cool 3D World, the ongoing project from artists Brian Tessler and Jon Baken.

Even in the darkest recesses of the internet, few artists capture Cool 3D World’s unique cocktail of randomness, absurdity, and 3D animating finesse. Vine-by-Vine, the animations seem like weird blips in your daily media consumption; but one month’s worth of these in one place is truly disorienting: many even resist words. How does one effectively describe a geometric, snakelike shape with a human's head being walked across a reflective green ground by its sinewy, lizardy-but-kind-of-humanoid master, to which it is also attached? The answer is by watching the Vine over and over again until it’s bizarre details begin to make pseudo-sense.


The anything-goes aspect of these videos is one of the perks of working with 3D animation, Cool 3D World tells the Creator’s Project. “One of the most appealing things about 3D animation is the ability to realize just about anything imaginable," they say. "There are no limits, so making unique and compelling content is something we strive to do. The vines we've been making have become a great meeting point for us to explore ideas, create a steady workflow, and learn new tools and techniques.”

Watch the full compilation, in all it's blobby absurdity, below.

Check out more of Cool 3D World’s work here.


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