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What Happens in This Las Vegas Hyperlapse, Stays in This Las Vegas Hyperlapse

Julian Tryba's newest hyperlapse zooms in on Sin City's busy skyline.
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Las Vegas' busy skyline of architecture, tourists, and general extravagance get thrown into filmic fast-forward in Julian Tryba’s latest timelapse. Tryba—who we talked to about his beautifully edited, composite “layer-lapse” of Boston—turns his lens towards Sin City for a brief and breakneck hyperlapse tour. The hectic scenes speed through quick zooms, dramatic drive-bys, and temporal shifts, giving a perspective as exciting as the city itself.


The secret behind these eye-catching closeups and effects, the photographer tells The Creators Project, is that “for all the moving shots I manually move the tripod and re-align the camera for each photo. For the Paris, shot I moved the camera about 6' 100 different times. Then I added some motion blur which gives it a different feel and directs the attention to the tower.” Tryba shot the entirety of the film over the course of the 2015 NAB Show, using the 16-35mm lens of his Canon 6D, and rendering, coloring, and editing his footage in roughly the same amount of time. Check it out below:

Impressions of Las Vegas during NAB 2015 from Julian Tryba on Vimeo.


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