Nature and Anatomy Collide in Hybrid Illustrative Paintings

Anatomical illustrations become twisted like fables in a new series of works by Italian painter Nunzio Paci.
November 14, 2016, 6:25pm
Anatomy of a dream. Images courtesy of the artist

The corporeal and the creative spirit become seamlessly intertwined in the latest set of hybrid painting-illustrations by Nunzio Paci. Human organs meld with the vines and roots of disparate plant life. In Anatomy of a dream, for example, a garland of flowers and foliage sprout from a woman’s neck muscles.

Words of dust

The Italian artist's new batch of work is a continuation of his vivid and macabre style. His imagery plays with themes of life, death, growth, and decay with romantic poise. In Reflection of wild rose, the artist paints a web of tree roots growing out from a woman’s chest that tangle with her arteries and muscle tissue. Paci’s floral embellishments give his paintings a fantastical quality that is simultaneously grounded in reality through their scientific representation of the human body.

Reflection of wild rose

Beyond his oil and pencil work on canvas, Paci’s fascination with the human anatomy is perhaps most evident in his x-ray portraits. In compositions like Papaver field and Vertebrae in bloom, he overlays printed x-ray sheets with thin decorative outlines of plants.

Papaver field

Vertebrae in bloom

Check out more works by Nunzio Paci on his website.


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