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Winter Sucks, There I Said It | GIF Six-Pack

Snow blows and bah, humbug also.


With "Let It Snow," and "Winter Wonderland," blaring over the cheap speakers of every department store and gas station in America, it's easy to buy into the propoganda that winter is awesome. It's not. (Unless you live somewhere with insane natural beauty like Finland.) If you live in a region with seasons, then freezing rain, slush, sleet, and snow soak your boots and track into your home. A chunk of sub-zero moisture always finds a way to fall down the back of your shirt, no matter how bundled up you are. If you live somewhere that's warm all year, you have it even worse—watching holiday movies with snow incepts an insidious FOMO on the spine chills, shivers, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Luckily, we've gathered a volley of GIFs that encapsulate the constant state of discomfort winter brings. Below, Crispe, Nino Paulito, NeonMob, and more convince you to make like my grandparents and fly south for the winter.


Nino Paulito




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