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Global Breakfast Radio Streams Morning Radio Wherever It's Time To Rise And Shine

"In the background of breakfast is radio, soundtrack to a billion bowls of cereal or congee, shakshuka or api, porridge or changua."

"The sun is always rising somewhere; breakfast is always just about to happen," explains the press release of global media project (and genuinely awesome idea) Global Breakfast Radio. It's true—there's always somewhere in the world where the sun is rising and people are sipping coffee, tea, and getting the day started. And, as many commuter know: "In the background of breakfast is radio, soundtrack to a billion bowls of cereal or congee, shakshuka or api, porridge or changua." Thus, GBR offers a way for everyone in the world to connect over what's arguably the best meal of the day,as the project aggregates radio streams from across the globe, wherever it's breakfast time right now.


"It’s the equivalent of a plane flying west with the sunrise," says creators Seb Emina and Daniel Jones, "constantly tracking the chatter and music of people across the planet." It's a chance to jet-set across the world and get a taste of international morning routines, all through the medium of radio. Emina would know best, he also wrote the popular expert's guide to morning meals, The Breakfast Bible.

With over 250 stations, from Letio Tongo 89.5 in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, to Pop Latino and Ranchera music program La Chimalteca 101.5FM in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, Global Breakfast Radio will make you feel as if your day was just starting, and you have all the sunshine, juice, and delicious yawns in the world to look forward to. Accompanying the constant broadcast is a series of background photographs, portraying sunrises from the geographical location of the station currently streaming—an added bonus to feel globally connected.

Even if you don't have a car or regular commute, GBR is a way to feel like your day is re-starting, and all the issues that come with lunch are never quite going to bring you down (indigestion, amirite?). See a list of some of Global Breakfast Radio's stations below, and head over to the site to stream some morning talk greatness.

Letio Tonga 89.5 (Nuku’alofa, Tonga; GMT+13)

Music and news from the Tongan capital.

KUAM Isla 63 AM (Dededo, Guam; GMT+10)

Chamorro music and talk radio from a small village, broadcasting since 1954.


Voice of Palau (Koror, Palau; GMT+9) A Government-run radio station, broadcasting at least 18 hours/day in English and Belauan.

Detskoe Radio (Novosibirsk, Russia; GMT+7)

“Kid’s Time Radio”, a pan-Russian radio station for a young audience.

Al Arabiya 98.3FM (Dubai, United Arab Emirates; GMT+4)

The UAE's popular Arabic language station, appealing to both a local and expat audience.

Radio Prague (Prague, Czech Republic; GMT+2)

A long-standing Czech radio station, the "Voice of the Czech Republic” Radio Carsija (Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina; GMT+1)

The first private internet radio station in Bosnia-Herzogovinia, focusing on local folk music.

Alpenmelodie (Nurnberg, Germany; GMT+1)

A traditional “oompah” station. Radio Caroline (Various locations, UK; GMT)

Pioneering offshore broadcaster, amongst the first pirate radio stations. Radio Wassoulou Internationale (Wassoulou, Mali; GMT)

Traditional music from Wassoulou (South Mali) and Guinea. Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa 90.5 (Nuuk, Greenland; GMT-2)

Radio from the national public broadcasting corporation of Greenland.

WMMT (Whitesburg, Kentucky; GMT-4)

"Mountain community radio" with wonderful country music.

Power 106FM (Kingston, Jamaica; GMT-5)

"Where all views can contend."

La Chimalteca 101.5 FM (Chimaltenango, Guatemala; GMT-6)

Grupera (Mexican ballad groups), Pop Latino and Ranchera music. KNBA (Unalaska, Alaska; GMT-8)

Broadcasting from the small Aleutian island of Unalaska, Alaska. 


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