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Hitch A Ride With These Picture Book-Style Auto Animations

Animator Guillaume Kurkdjian captures the childlike innocence of cars and utility vehicles.

The latest in stylish animated transportation has arrived, all thanks to the creative skills of French digital artist Guillaume Kurkdjian. In a new series called, Vehicles Animations, the animator loops the every day tasks of a construction machine, a food truck, a utility truck, and a dump truck into a surge of bright colors and elegant design, yielding an adorable animated atmosphere.

Kirkdjian is known for his picture-book like style, and has worked for a number of companies. He uses a combination of C4D, Vray, and After Effects to successfully walk the thin line between vibrant animation and effective, no-frills design.


These vehicles dump out rocks or waggle their appendages in time to a wonderfully daycare-like music bed, emphasizing the innocent nature of their design. Today, we associate dump trucks and cranes with insufferable Manhattan cacophony, but these cute and stylish GIFs bring us back to the simpler days when a toy truck could entertain us for hours.

Park at Kirkdjian’s Behance pageto see more examples of his cute-yet-sensible style, or get more information about the artist by driving through his website.

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