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Artist Insulted By Donald Trump Turns Him Into a Butt Plug

We probed Fernando Sosa about the creation of a sex toy political statement.
Images courtesy the artist

In reaction to Donald Trump's caustic speech attacking Mexican immigrants, one Mexican-American immigrant artist has turned the presidential candidate into a 3D-printed butt plug.

While the current Republican forerunner has never been famous for his tact, he added to a long line of political insensitivity last month when he called Mexican immigrants "drug dealers" and "rapists" in front of a (largely staged) audience, watching him announce his bid for President of the United States of America. These comments made a lot of people mad, ranging from Hillary Clinton to 3D artist and Mexican-American immigrant Fernando Sosa.


Sosa tells The Creators Project that shortly after reading a transcript of the speech on the internet, "That's when my blood started to boil. I came here to the United States [from Mexico] when I was 11, so I was really mad." Sosa was in the process of designing a Jeb Bush butt plug (he currently sells Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong Un models on his Shapeways and Etsy stores), but he was so enraged that he abandoned the project for Trump immdediately.

He designed the toupée'd, rugged-faced butt plug in one night, as his own personal antidote to the oversaturated self-promotion that comes with political campaigns. "A lot of people make toilet paper of politicians, or Osama Bin Laden toilet paper. I wanted to find something insulting, that make people imagine putting his face on their butthole," he says. "Now whenever you see a picture of Donald Trump, you're going to get two images of him: a buttplug and a racist."

3D-printed sex toys aren't new (you can design your own with the Dildo Generator), but Sosa's political twist sets his apart. However, producing the seemingly innocous toys isn't without risk. Since he first launched the Kim Jong Un buttplug in 2014, he's received death threats, homophobic slurs, and more on social media and the comments of his online store. With the addition of Donald Trump to the collection, he's also received a nauseating amount of racial hatred. "The best way to measure if it's effective for me is by the amount of hate mail I get. I'm thinking this is going to be a good one just based on that," he explains.


Despite the anxiety that comes with controversial artwork, the Donald Trump butt plug remains a worthwhile effort to Miami-based Sosa. "All his power comes from propaganda…But when you take away his ego by destroying their propoganda, that's the only way to attack a hater or a homophobe. If someone is working in his office and then secretly laughing at Donald Trump's face because it reminds him of a buttplug, then I think I've done my job."

For his next Trump-related artwork, Sosa wants to expand his series of 3D-printed "inaction figures," which currently consists of characterized New Jersey Governor Chris Christie figurine lampooning his "Bridgegate" scandal. Keep an eye on Fernando Sosa's Shapeways and Etsy stores for a fusion of Trump and an orangutan, complete with removable orange toupee.


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