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These Sci-Fi Collages Feature Space Cowboys & Atomic Housewives

Jordan Westre's vintage print collages are a snarky comment on modernity.
Domestica, 2014. Collage on canvas. 7x11. All images via

If chaotic dreams could be captured on paper, they might look like illustrator and artist Jordan Westre’s technicolor collage creations. Weaving together astronauts, explosions, and housewives, with flowers, fauna, and comic book clippings, Westre masterfully juxtaposes a range of visual influences exclusively taken from vintage and experimental print clippings and posts them her website, Living Couch.


Her Mixed Media 2014 images feature a departure from past techniques that included ink and organic matter, moving towards a more “refined, simplistic aesthetic,” Westre explains on her site. After a creative lull in the beginning of the year, she was suddenly inspired by modern ideas of discomfort and unease, and sought to visualize those feelings. “When I finally sat down to sort through my stack of magazine clippings, organizing them into subjects and backgrounds, reflecting on where they came from and how they relate to my experiences, it was like seeing each piece with a new understanding,” she writes “I'd regained a sense of what I wanted to say, and how I could communicate ideas of… essentially, dystopias.”

Get lost in Westre's cut and pasted cosmos below:

The Last True Cowboy (Positive), 2014. Collage on canvas board. 9x12"

For more information on Jordan Westre's work, click here.


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