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Found Railroad Detritus Is a Marvel at Sunset

Trash transforms into treasures in this dreamy, softly-lit photo series.
All photos courtesy the artist

Nik Mirus has found himself on the right side of the tracks—and the trash there is fantastic. In the photography series, Mirus, the conceptual artist turns wayward pieces of garbage into still life. The images are captured during the “golden hour,” right before the sunset disappears. The Montreal-based artist says he has an “understanding of an object's essence paired with [an] acute sensibility toward light and composition.”


He tells The Creators Project,“At first glance, the pieces of broken glass, mirrors and strewn plastic appeared banal, unappealing and unremarkable. However, over time I've begun to appreciate and pay closer attention to the way they interact with the surrounding environment.”

“I'm interested in the way natural elements, such as wind, water and light play off the reflections, transparencies and textures of the found objects," says Mirus. "By bringing these materials into the control of a studio, I'm free to further explore and document the relationship between these discarded objects and the natural environment.”

As of this article’s writing, the series is pending an official title, but hopefully with more trash, there will be some sort of treasure to arise from it.

Find more of Nik Mirus’s work on his website, click here, where you can also follow along with the progress of this photo series.


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