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Deconstructed Faces Look Like Skin Masks and Beehives | GIF Six-Pack

Trypophobes beware, Adam Pizurny's beehive image is frightening.
Images courtesy the artist

When artists take too many liberties with the human face, things get creepy, but the work of Adam Pizurny crosses right through the uncanny valley and winds up somewhere between Ick Mountain and the Heebie Jeebies Lagoon. His distorted CGI renditions of faces can look like anything from skin masks to a beehive-like trypophobe's nightmare.

These GIFs are the culmination of years of facial exploration and a bit of serendipity. In 2012, Pizurny created a portrait series with projections decorating his subjects' faces, which George Rehawk, a.k.a. DarkAngelØne, transformed into one of his own stunning loops. "Seeing that, I realized that I'm now finally ready to push my work forward in 3D," Pizurny tells The Creators Project.


Using 3D scans from TEN24, Pizurny began experimenting with the face as a canvas. "I just play with object in 3D, giving it characteristics which it doesnt have in reality, wondering what happen, until it looks interesting. Its kind of relaxation for me," he says. "Once some guy pointed out my GIF is looking trypophobic, so I pushed it to max." If you have trypophobia, the pathological fear of small holes, don't check out the final GIF in the series below.

Adam Pizurny is currently working on his own custom 3D scans and several projects in virtual reality. Check out more of his work on his website.


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