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An Interactive Soundboard Lets You Remix Pantha Du Prince

All it takes is a little button-mashing to bring Pantha Du Prince's 'The Triad' to life.
Pantha Du Prince. Photo: Stephan Abry, courtesy the artist

Pantha Du Prince’s upcoming album won’t be released for more than another month, but a teaser has arrived in the form of an interactive soundboard featuring sounds and clips from the album—now, it's ours for the fucking around with.

Using the soundboard is simple: press different keys on your keyboard, and new sounds and landscapes will appear. If you press just one key and listen, you can hear a short clip from the upcoming album, and see its visual accompaniment in the form of natural landscape photos that match the mood of the track.


But if you button-mash a lá Street Fighter, you can layer samples on top of each other, creating a collage as sonically assaulting as the flashing images are visually. You don’t really have any control in terms of mixing or layering, but it’s fun to feel like you can make music by typing random letters.

A screencap of the interactive soundboard

The German producer will drop The Triad on May 20, his first solo studio album since 2010’s Black Noise. The lead single, “The Winter Hymn,” was released in February along with a surreal video, which you can watch below, featuring a bunch of cloaked, masked figures. As one YouTube commenter says, “wie immer, sehr winterlich”­–like always, very wintry.

Play with the interactive soundboard here, and pre-order The Triad here.


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