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Ghostbusters Gets A Pop Culture Remix In Stop-Motion Lego Tribute

Lego Bill Murray is almost as funny as live action Bill Murray in this brick-filled parody.

MonsieurCaron (aka Marc-Andre Caron)— the master builder behind such Lego-themed Internet hits as the brick-ified Simpsons couch gag and the JuraBrick Park stop-motion dinosaurs—has struck again, this time delving into the paranormal world of classic 80s comedy with The LEGO Ghostbusters Movie.

The short reenacts the post-mortem showdown at the Sedgewick Hotel with a very Lego twist. Caron couldn't make a realistic Lego Slimer, supplanting the ghastly slob with other famous characters. A phantom Homer Simpson (complete with screams and d'ohs), some ghastly Jedi, and others run rampant through the hotel as Lego Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Harold Ramis chase them about.


The proton beams and are effortlessly added, as well, appearing natural even in the Legoverse. The whole clip is tied together by choice dialogue from the movie, driving the brief story and supplying just as many quality laughs as the original.

Caron kindly supplied a how-to for building the Lego set brick-by-brick, opening the field for more tales of plastic phantoms haunting 80s NYC.

Here are a few prime cut GIFs of our favorite moments from Caron's short:

For more of Caron's animated Lego remixes, check out his popular (and awesome) YouTube channel.

h/t Laughing Squid


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