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How to Celebrate World Photo Day with GIFs | GIF Six-Pack

Cinemagraphs are the photos of the GIF world.

Today is World Photo Day, so brace yourselves for a parade of content doling out advice on how to "up your photography game" or laboriously recounting the history of the medium. Here at GIF Six-Pack, we don't write about photography—we write about GIFs. And what is the closest kind of GIF to photography? Cinemagraphs! So today we're going to dish out the sweetest examples of the subtle art form, including new work from Sam Cannon, Julien Dovier, and some brand new artists we've never featured before.


Surface Tension by Sam Cannon

#NYC land of a million Falafel and Halal/Kosher Hotdog stands #StreetFood #Cinemagraph

A video posted by Haya Alkhalifa (@instahaya) on

Aug 18, 2016 at 7:39pm PDT


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