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Get Hypnotized by a Man-Made Cosmos in 8K

Joey Shanks captures heart-stopping nebulas out of food coloring and milk.
October 10, 2015, 12:20pm
Images courtesy the artists

Filmmaker Joey Shanks is at it again. Done with giant bubbles and teleportation, he’s now onto outer space. Using milk, food coloring, soap, and a piece of glass, Shanks creates cosmic nebulas that he films with a Canon 5DS and converts them to 8K, the highest quality you can get. In a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios for a project called CREATE THE COSMOS, the video is full of swirling and hypnotizing clouds surrounded by twinkling stars that draw the viewer closer and closer, floating through a personal full-screen space mission—albeit a magical, DIY one.


To learn more about Joey Shanks, click here.


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