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A Brief Guide To Twitter's #MuseumWeek

European museums open their virtual doors for behind-the-scenes tours and unexpected guests.

From March 24th to the 30th, Twitter is dedicating a week to museums across Europe and artlovers alike. Through ‘discover’ pages and hashtags, participants gain special access to museums ranging from the Tate, to the Met, to even the Musée du chocolat in Strasbourg, France.

Official participants are joined together via the #MuseumWeek hashtag, which Twitter hopes will show people all over the world their innate ability to encourage audience interaction. Participating museums also hope to build new audiences, using the social media platform as a window beyond the art world.


Hashtags for each day vary depending on what country you're has in, but we've compiled the UK list for your easy enjoyment:

Monday, March 24 The highlights from #DayintheLife include the Roald Dahl Museum’s live-tweeting of what a typical day looked like for Roald Dahl, this eerie photo of British Film Institute’s Production Manager visiting the archives, and a T-Rex head that greets guests upon arrival at France’s Museum of Dinosaurs. Historic Royal Palaces even invited legendary pre-Internet troll, Henry VIII, to guest tweet at #AskHenryVIII.

Tuesday, March 25

For #MuseumMastermind, museums are asking followers to guess at trivia questions related to their collections. The hashtag is currently trending in London.

On Wednesday, March 26 #MuseumMemories will invite users to share their favorite museum stories—we hope seasoned veterans like Hans-Ulrich Obrist will speak up and dish some juicy tidbits.

On Thursday, March 27, #BehindTheArt will focus on art's “hidden gems and anecdotes that aren’t immediately obvious.” This seems like a better day than any to add a new column to your TweetDeck, so as not to miss the dirt on your favorite artwork.

#AskTheCurator, on Friday, March 28, gives tweeters the opportunity to pick the brains of internationally-renowned curators.

#MuseumSelfies, on Saturday March 29, is self-explanatory. And though we’re not advocating for any more "art-selfie think-pieces," this hashtag will probably yield a treasure trove of new analyses. Alternatively, take it easy and peruse the Horniman Museum’s head-start: a Pinterest board of selfies featuring the museum’s walrus mascot.

#GetCreative, on Sunday March 30, will be the chance for art aficionados to share their own dreams and ideas with the museum people who make them happen.

By facilitating the conversation, Twitter brings international museums and institutions to life online. While we're only on Day 2, it’s quickly becoming clear that creative museum staffs all over the world have been itching to share their ideas and little-known bits of information in 140 characters or less. And while many of these institutions already have audiences amassed and cultivated, #MuseumWeek brings new originality to the fore.

While you enjoy yourself a calming "gallery stroll" using the hashtags above, check out The Guardian’s #MuseumWeek UK live blog for periodic updates and more exclusive content.