Get Personal with Photos from a Performance Art Show About Intimacy

25 artists, including India Salvor Menuez, Bailey Nolan, and Natasha Le Sourd, bared their souls for 'A Night of Intimacy,' curated by Jo Rosenthal.
October 19, 2016, 1:25pm
Nick (r)Atkins. All photos by Zachery Grayson

On the night of September 16th, underneath a full harvest moon, 25 young artists gathered at the S.A.D. Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to bare not their bodies—though some did don costumes—but their ambitions, egos, fears, and hopes. A Night of Intimacy included confessionals from India Salvor Menuez and Daisy & Wild, solo cello by Young Gun Lee, theatrical performances by Bailey Nolan, Susannah Simpson, and Olimpia Dior and Kellian Delice, poetry by Emma Orlow, Harris Bauer, and Chanterelle Menashe Ribas, a song by Richard Perez and Bridget Collins, and dances and other various presentations of self in a space where one could be free to fully embrace it.


"What does it mean to be intimate? What does it mean to be in love? I frequently find myself posing these questions in my process," writes the show's curator, Jo Rosenthal. "Trying to figure out who I am as an artist and person is challenging, but I know one thing: I want to create work that makes people understand that it is okay to be intimate and emotional. A Night of Intimacy was the result of 25 artists' interpretations on that theme." Though secrets were shared and meant to be kept by all, photographer Zachery Grayson was on hand to give The Creators Project a window inside the show:

Azzah Sultan

Emma Orlow

India Salvor Menuez

Bailey Nolan

Natasha Le Sourd

Richard Perez & Bridget Collins

David Steine

Izzy Jackson

Susannah Simpson

Steph Smith

Jo Rosenthal

A Night of Intimacy took place on September 16th at S.A.D. Gallery in Greenpoint. The show's second iteration, Two Night Stand, will take place sometime in December. Stay tuned to Jo Rosenthal's Instagram for updates and more info.


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