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Mysterious Fractal Film Foretells the Abandonment of Earth

Visual effects artist Julius Horsthuis connects ancient past and distant future in 'Prophecy.'
Screencaps by the author

A virtual camera subtly floats around gigantic, shape-shifting fractal structures in Prophecy, visual effects artist and animator Julius Horsthuis' latest entry to his ongoing Fractal Shorts series. It features the artist's usual sense of the epic, including grand music—in this case, film composer James Newton Howard’s “The Tour”—and a healthy dose of the mysterious and cosmically unknown, but this one has a science-fiction narrative, albeit one cloaked in mystery: after drifting towards what looks like a technologically complex structure, Horsthuis reveals a wall adorned with a cave painting showing structures and objects of near equal size floating in the sky.


In a Kubrickian chapter jump into the distant future, we see this cave painting become prophecy, leaving more questions than answers, including the origins of this advanced civilization. Perhaps it’s just the cycle that this civilization plays out over and over again in a planet-hopping journey across the cosmos to sustain life. So, you know, basically a fractal remix of the Ancient Aliens theories. Decide for yourself below:

Prophecy (4K) from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.

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