Bad News Brexit, Bill Cunningham RIP | Last Week in Art

The revered, inimitable, ever-talented Bill Cunningham, was 87.
June 27, 2016, 11:30am


A lot went down this week in the weird and wild world of Art. Some things were more scandalous than others, some were just plain wacky—but all of them are worth knowing about. Without further ado:

+ Britain's artists, organizations, and collectors are fearful of what the UK’s decision to leave the EU means for the future. Said Art Fund director Stephen Deuchar, “At one level there is obviously now great financial uncertainty—the effect on European funding streams for the arts, for example—but quite as important is the potential effect on the spirit that drives a myriad of international partnerships in the arts.” Said collector Stefan Simchowitz, "On a more practical front, its [sic] time to buy British." [The Creators ProjectThe Art Newspaper, Artforum, Artsy]

+ Coinciding with the Brexit were two important sales of Modern British art by Sotheby’s and Christie’s. While the former's sale was a success, the latter's, which took place on the eve of the referendum, achieved the record for the least successful major evening sale in the category in over ten years. [Bloomberg]

+ The loved, revered, and talented Bill Cunningham, “the photographer of modern life,” passed away at the age of 87. [New York Magazine]

+ The legendary Stonewall Inn is the United States’ first-ever LGBT national monument. Thanks, Obama! [Artforum]

+ By reading the names of the Orlando victims into a microphone that transmitted the sound into space, incendiary artist Terence Koh spoke up against gun violence and intolerance on a universal scale. [Observer]

+ The Museum of the City of New York is opening the extremely timely Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York this fall, a show about how creativity has provided refuge for the city's LGBT artists. [The New York Times]

+ Crowds flocked to Christo’s 1.8 mile floating bridge, which forged a polyethylene pathway from the mainland of Italy to two small islands. [Gizmodo]


+ Le Consortium, an alternative art space in France, apparently has a nose for talent: It has a long-standing streak of exhibiting artists right before they make it big. [The New York Times]

+ Kurt Cobain’s works, art, and possesions will be the subject of a new travelling exhibition. [Vulture]

+ Writer and artist Douglas Coupland is looking for Vincent Van Gogh lookalikes and is offering a near-$7,000 prize. [The Guardian]

Have you seen this man!? Via

+ Actor Anton Yelchin, perhaps best known for his roll as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek, died in a freak accident at the age of 27. [CNN]

+ Williamstown, Kentucky has constructed a real-life Noah's Ark. [Inquisitr]

+ Artist provocateur Milo Moiré was arrested in London this week for public indecency, after allowing strangers to touch her breasts or genitals for up to 30 seconds inside her Mirror Box. The performance makes quite a memorable statement about female sexual empowerment. [Milo Moiré]


+ Rare Candy, an Australian studio, pulled their work from the Berlin Biennale after complaints that the piece failed to give proper recognition of authorship to all of its collaborators. [Artnet News]

+ The final student still enrolled in the studio art MFA program at USC’s Roski School of Art and Design left this week, a year after the rest of her 7-student class withdrew in protest to policy changes within the program. [The Los Angeles Time]

+ Two female models are claiming that they were pressured to violate themselves with the end of a rope for Laura Lima’s exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami, though the allegations have been denied by the museum. “As a woman, you’re always susceptible to this kind of danger,” said one of the women. [Miami New Times, Broadly]


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