This story is over 5 years old.

Bromance's New Tour Video is Really Good

Brodinski shuffling, Gesaffelstein passed out and Panteros with no pants on.

Bromance just released this glorious video, shot by L.A.'s Glen Jamn, of them touring around France in December on their Nous Sommes 2014 tour. It's really freaking fun to watch and everyone in it is really, really hot. My absolute favorite moments are Brodinski bustin a really cute shuffle at 4:00 and seeing Gesaffelstein passed out. If you keep it rolling until the end you will also catch totally dudical bonus scenes.


Beyond that, I am unable to review this video because for some odd reason I feel like my insides are on fire. So I decided to have a chat with my editor Max Pearl about it and paste the transcript here. He was mostly concerned with the guy who cut off his penis on meow meow, then suggested I use this headline, "I Went to France and Had (Mostly) Consensual Sex with All of the Bromance Dudes." Um. Okay. I'll work on that. Now just watch the damn thing.