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M4SONIC's "Weapon 2.0" Will Rearrange the Insides of Your Brain

Ultra's newest signee doesn't just push buttons, he destroys them.

M4SONIC doesn't just push buttons, he completely freakin' demolishes them. After reading the now-infamous interview with Deadmau5 "We All Hit Play," the young Australian Nick Boundy, who went through his former years as a classicaly trained pianist, ran his behind the the store to pick up a shiny new Novation Launchpad, using his former training to jumpstart his quest to redefine what it means to be a DJ and producer.


Alike other young button smashers like Madeon, M4SONIC, was discovered via YouTube, the place where his his orginal frantic-finger-moving orchestration "Weapon" would eventually go viral with over a milli views in less than three weeks. After that, Boundy found himself on a fast-track to becoming a star, getting picked up by Ultra and flown around the world for major festival spots. Now, nearly two years after his original discovery, he's gearing up for the release of his debut EP, containing a completely original reworking of his first track "Weapon," which at first was a live-performed mashup consisting of short clips from artists like Skrillex and Knife Party.

His brand new EP for Ultra, the lead track of which we are streaming for you all today, will include "Weapon 2.0", another brain-twister "Virus," and a never before heard Launchpad monster—"Chaos." As you can tell, these are all tracks that will raise your blood pressure in a matter of seconds, and according to the artist, if they a Mario Party character, would obviously be Donkey Kong, because that dude smashes shit.


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