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Listen to Woz's Latest, Dark Banger: 'Trust Meh'

That bassline tho

Our favourite thing in the whole world is a small, dark room, with a massive soundsystem, surrounded by like-minded clubbers losing their shit to the good stuff. Whatever the genre, it's an elemental experience that, we'd like to think, defies solid documentation: put your goddamn phone away and vibe, alright? The only documents we need are the records themselves, and this next one from Bristolian producer Woz has got us tickled.


He's had a recent spurt of pretty solid praise from the big guns - DJ EZ, Skream, Toddla T and Roska have all been banging out his tracks for a while now - and he's about to take a shot at Bestival soon, too. Proof that his DJ set will likely be a cracker is his new single 'Trust Meh', the title track of his forthcoming Cherry Hill EP. It's got mean synths, soulful percussion, and bassline so thick that it's making us pine for old DMZ nights, which we consider a pretty tall compliment. If you're hiding from the thunderstorm today, let this be your soundtrack to it.

Woz - Cherry Hill EP is out on August 25th on Black Butter Records.