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For International Women’s Day, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Wants You to Celebrate Men

It’s a roast!
Lead photo via Instagram

Tomorrow is International Women's Day, a day when women worldwide are celebrated for their achievements and where we honour how much further we have to go until women get what's theirs. Basically, it's pretty much the only day of the year that belongs to women. For this year's occasion, the Women's March organizers are urging women to go on strike everywhere so the world can experience what a day without women would mean and also show just how much women contribute to a world that treats them like shit.


But you know who we should really be focusing on this International Women's Day? Men. They do so much to help us out. Without "men" the word "women" wouldn't even exist, you know. Does that sound right? Oh well, our weirdo of a Canadian first lady Sophie Grégoire Trudeau seems to think so!

In an Instagram post of her and husband Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding hands—gazing at each other lovingly and dressed as though they just robbed a Mountain Equipment Co-op—Grégoire Trudeau suggests we should spend tomorrow (again, I must press—this is the only day women have all year) giving it up for the boys!

The caption written in both of Canada's official languages for maximum misguidance begins with a promising, "Let's ignite some change!" But it gets it all wrong almost instantly after by saying, "as we mark International Women's Day, let's celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are." Apparently we should also be celebrating men who do the bare minimum of treating "girls and women with respect."

To celebrate International (Wo)Men's Day, she suggests holding hands with your male ally  (we've all got one!!) and share it on social media using a hashtag she literally made up called #TomorrowInHand, because without men—there would be no feminism!

I have so many questions: How did she mess this up? I'm genuinely so curious as to how she could have flubbed such a simple task. Who let her write this? Doesn't this shit get vetted?


Let's unpack this. Men are the reason why being a woman can sometimes suck—that is a fact. For some reason, Grégoire Trudeau thinks we should celebrate them for doing the bare minimum of respecting us. And also by holding hands with them and taking a photo, we will somehow encourage others to want to treat us like human beings worthy of our rights.

This, of course isn't the first time Grégoire Trudeau has missed the mark. Remember when she made a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute all about herself by singing an original song, because that's what MLK for sure what have wanted?

I have a free idea for Black History Month, if she's interested. How about all of us black people take a photo with a white person in our lives who respects us and encourage us when we're not feeling super black. And then we can hold hands and start a hashtag that will solve racism, just like she solved sexism!

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