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Britain wins its war against children, why the Tories sacked their chief adviser, how China is getting involved with North Korea, and more.

(Top photo: Chancellor Philip Hammond. Photo:  Sgt. Aaron Hostutler, U.S. Marine Corps, via)


Upbeat Hammond
Chancellor Philip Hammond is to use his Budget today to help prepare Britain for a "new chapter" in its history following the Brexit vote. In an "upbeat" speech, he is expected to say the economy has proved resilient since the referendum but admit that many families are "feeling the pinch". – BBC

Rough Living
Leading homelessness charities, whose remit is to protect vulnerable rough sleepers, have been passing information about some of them to the Home Office, leading to their removal from the UK. – Guardian


Britain Wins War Against Children
A cross-party bid to force Theresa May to accept more child refugees from Europe has failed, despite a Conservative revolt. The government defeated an attempt to force ministers to take up offers from local councils eager to accept more unaccompanied children fleeing conflicts. – Independent

Good Lord
Conservative former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine has been sacked as a government adviser after rebelling over Brexit in the House of Lords. Lord Heseltine backed the demand for a parliamentary vote on the final deal to be written into Brexit legislation. – BBC


Put Your Phone Back in the Microwave
The CIA has become the preeminent hacking operation, sneaking into high-tech phones and televisions to spy on people worldwide, according to an explosive WikiLeaks publication of purported internal CIA documents on Tuesday. – CNN

China Steps in
China, fearing a rapid escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula, called on North Korea on Wednesday to stop its nuclear and missile tests, and for South Korea and the United States to stop joint military drills and seek talks instead. – Reuters

Spicer Still Gets Paid Too Much
Even the fiercest of Donald Trump's loyalists kept their distance from his wiretapping claims. Sean Spicer said the matter was "above my pay grade". Jeff Sessions said, simply, "No comment." – New York Times

Mosul Push Continues
Iraqi security forces have captured the main government buildings in western Mosul from ISIS, a senior Iraqi military commander says. Lieutenant General Abdul-Amir Raheed Yar Allah said troops now controlled the western side of a second bridge across the Tigris River, known as Hurriyah Bridge. – ABC



Gloria Steinem has been a tireless champion of women's rights for the past 50 years. She is one of the century's greatest agents of social change, and Broadly caught up with her to reflect on Donald Trump and her continued fight against injustice. –  Broadly

Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone
"I never wanted to be a star," Joni Mitchell said in an interview with Joe Smith in 1986. "I didn't like entering a room with all eyes on me." On International Women's Day, Noisey remembers one of the most influential, and widely underrated, singer-songwriters of our time. – Noisey

Butchered Headline
Butchery is considered a male-dominated profession, but could women be better at the craft? One of London's top female butchers explains why the traditionally male-dominated industry could do with more women. – Munchies

Origin Story
In 1960, the renowned astronomer Frank Drake turned the radio telescope at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia toward two nearby stars in hopes of discovering some indication of intelligent alien life. His effort marked the beginning of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), a global scientific effort to determine whether or not we're alone in the universe. – Motherboard