The DEA Is Dropping Some Big Weed News Tomorrow

The DEA Is Dropping Some Big Weed News Tomorrow

Whatever it is, it'll be published in the Federal Register.
August 10, 2016, 10:35pm

So, this is something: The US Drug Enforcement Administration will be "making some important announcements" on "marijuana related topics" tomorrow morning, August 11, according to a statement from DEA spokesperson Russ Baer.

The mind wanders thinking about what those announcements may entail. A reclassification of cannabis? (Weed is currently a Schedule 1 controlled substance, alongside heroin and other drugs the government considers to have no medical value and high potential for abuse.) Full legalization for both medicinal and recreational bud nationwide? Unlikely. But who knows!

Whatever the announcements are, they will be lodged in the Federal Register. That doesn't happen everyday. Motherboard will be following the story as it develops, so stay tuned for Thursday.

Meantime, a poll:

The DEA says it has "some important announcements" about weed coming tomorrow. What do you think it it is?
— Motherboard (@motherboard) August 10, 2016