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Watching Popcorn Pop at 30,000 Frames Per Second Might Make You Cry

Turn your sound up and take in its majesty.

Are you ready to weep salty tears over the beauty of our universe?

Warped Perception, Chicago-based Youtubers who've turned their Phantom Flex 4K high-speed camera on everything from dog tongues to eyebrow tweezing, bring us the most moving video on the internet today.

They've recorded the incredibly delicate yet highly volatile process of a corn kernel popping.

At 1,300 frames per second, the kernel leaps from the heating element, full of starch and joy, and explodes into its fluffy final form before tumbling down in a cloud of steam. Before it pops, the pressure inside reaches around 135 psi and its internal temperature hits 356 degrees fahrenheit.

But that's not slow enough. At 30,000 FPS—1,250 times slower than real time—you can watch the kernel's insides expand peel the hard hull apart like a rose blooming. If it gets much slower, this kernel's heading back in time.