LA's Korey Dane Is Basically Stoner Skater Bruce Spingsteen

Kick off your shoes and move to the triumphant "Lovesick in a Hotel Wildfire," off of Dane's forthcoming 'Chamber Girls' LP.
May 17, 2017, 6:00pm

It's been a minute since we've heard from LA Americana wunderkind Korey Dane, and baby it's been worth the wait. Following 2015's breakout Youngblood, Dane is back with his second full-length Chamber Girls, due out June 2 on Innovative Leisure.

The record is born from the tumult of the past year of Dane's life, written in the wake of a collapsed relationship and the great existential unknown that is turning 27. Turns out it's done him a lot of good: Chamber Girls elevates Dane's rich vocals and storyteller's knack for composition from the quiet folk of Youngblood into a raucous full-band jaunt that's begging to soundtrack your next fuck-it roadtrip or just a bleary-eyed night screwing around with your best pals.

"Lovesick in a Hotel Wildfire," the album's second single following "Half Asleep," is an ode to just that sentiment, all wily Springsteen adrenaline and wry triumph. "I remember we started working on 'Lovesick' super early in the morning after being in the studio all day and night," Dane says. "Fred was falling asleep at his Wurlitzer and I was still messing with the words. We only played it five or six times before we started falling apart; definitely a stoned, sleep deprived bunch cutting the fastest song on the album at the worst time. It's like a postcard I sent myself from a manic six days in north Hollywood."

Listen to the premiere of Korey Dane's "Lovesick in a Hotel Wildfire" below.

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