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Can We Talk About A-Rod and J-Lo for a Minute?

J-Rod is the celebrity couple to end all celebrity couples.

— Alex Rodriguez (@AROD) May 2, 2017

It has been nearly two months since the world was first alerted to the the possibility of J-Rod, and little over a month since A-Rod confirmed that he was dating J-Lo during a guest appearance on The View. It's been a lot to digest, and if we're being honest here, we might not ever fully come to terms with what it all means. But just for a minute, I'd like to talk about Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, the couple.


Watching and rewatching with @AROD #shadesofblue
— EGoldsmithThomas (@EGTisme) May 1, 2017

When your love, like the performance in NBC's SHADES OF BLUE, is amazing.

I have never been more on board with a celebrity couple than I currently am for J-Rod. Celebrity couples are a tricky thing, however. If you're anything like me, you probably thought Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt would populate the earth with beautiful offspring and spend the rest of their days together until one died, and the other died shortly thereafter of a broken heart. And then you probably thought Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would adopt other people's offspring and spend the rest of their days together until one died, and the other died shortly thereafter of a broken heart. Unfortunately, while all three are still living, they are doing so separately.

This does not have to be the fate of J-Rod, and I feel quite strongly that they will succeed where the Brangelinas of the world failed. They will live together until one dies and the other dies shortly thereafter of a broken heart. In between, J-Lo will beam with pride under the warm Cooperstown sun as A-Rod gives his Hall of Fame induction speech, thanking the veterans committee for getting their heads out of their asses. And A-Rod will likewise be filled with emotion as he watches his bride accept a Best Actress Oscar for her role as the Toretto crew matriarch in 5as7 and Furious: We're Just Gonna Keep Making These Fuckers Every Couple Years.

There are perhaps no two celebrities better suited to navigate the waters of coupledom than these two. A-Rod is in the conversation for best player of his or any other generation. He has also been through enough turmoil to last two lifetimes. He's gone from coveted prospect to mega-star to reviled mercenary to persecuted poster boy of baseball's steroid era to goofball Twitter dad and ace color analyst. J-Lo was one of the first crossover stars, beginning as a dancer on In Living Color, transitioning to movie star, then pop singer, major network lead, and one of the highest paid celebrities.

I can't think of a stronger power couple than J-Rod.They are both powerful, hugely successful in their industries, and insanely attractive. They are the celebrity couple of celebrity couples and they are built to last. And the best part is, celebrities have never been more accessible than they are now. With social media, we can grow with them as they grow with one another. We can be witness to greatness in the field of love, however distant love is from our lives.

Honestly, I'd be interested in being adopted by them. If they'd have me. At the very least, I am considering an US Weekly subscription.