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The Anthony ​Mundine vs Danny Green Rematch Will Take Place In…Adelaide?

Where else but the neutral City Of Churches to host this largely meaningless rematch between two middle-aged has-beens.

It was hard to take seriously to begin with and it's not getting easier. Ten years after their first and, admittedly, memorable stoush, Anthony Mundine and Danny Green have announced they will be taking their rematch to the Adelaide Oval.

But why? Anthony Mundine is from Sydney and Danny Green is from Perth.

The answer, of course, is money. Sensing the kind of deal only the South Australian State Government could, they tipped in millions of hard earned taxpayers dollars to secure the right to host the fight.


It is scheduled for February 3rd, 2017, by which time Mundine will be aged 41 and Danny Green, 43, with both fighters hinting that it will be their last. What better way to go out then a multi-million dollar golden handshake from the government?

Mundine brings a record of 47-7-0 into the rematch though has lost three of his last six fights. He has not fought since losing his WBC Silver Super Welterweight title to American Charles Hatley last year and will be forced to move up 13 kilos in weight for the rematch with Green.

"You know what weight we're fighting at? We're fighting at 'Danny Weight'. But, you know what, it don't matter, I'm going to school him again," Mundine said.

Green comes into the rematch on the back of a unanimous points victory over professional plumber Kane Watts this August. His brings in a record of 35-5-0 into the fight.

After battling a chronic hip injury for the past seven years, Mundine has had a hip replacement which is likely to nullify his main weapon: his agility and mobility around the ring. When combined with the predicted weight advantage he will be giving away to Green experts are concerned Mundine could get seriously hurt in the encounter.

"The one person this really affects is Anthony Mundine because the one thing he could trade off back then was his speed and his ability to move and get out of the way," said Fox Sports boxing expert Cody Kaye.

"He's had a hip replacement and he's a lot older now and when you watch his last few fights, Anthony's lost that ability to move.

"The age now is a big, big factor for Choc and while a lot of people will look at this as a gimmick fight, when you throw in the weight and the fact that power is the last thing to go — and Danny's got plenty — there is a real risk that Anthony could get hurt and hurt quite badly in this fight."