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Dion Dublin's on the Telly, He's Better Than Clarkson and Lorraine Kelly!

Dion Dublin has completed his latest career change by debuting on BBC's Homes Under The Hammer.


Dion Dublin's recent addition to the presenting team on Homes Under The Hammer attracted a fair bit of media attention. But his diversity of talents should come as no surprise: not only did Dublin begin his career as a defender before switching to attack, he also invented a musical instrument known as the Dube.

Following his latest debut, The Radio Times assessed his first week on the job in a piece stuffed full of footballing references, describing Dublin as "a great front man and a fantastic signing". There is also a mention for Dublin's "warm, towering presence," which makes him sound like a volcano or a burning block of flats.

However they win a reprieve for their closing refrain: "He shoots, he scores, he moves internal doors, Dion Dublin, Dion Dublin…"

And it gives us a chance to remember one of Dion's finest moments in football - this brilliantly opportunistic goal against Newcastle United in 1997.