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Florence + the Machine Continues To Sing About The Pangs Of Love

The artist has just released her latest music video for her single, “Lover to Lover.”
November 27, 2012, 5:57pm

Our soft spot for London’s Florence + the Machine is no lovers’ pillow talk: it’s as resonating and powerful as red-headed siren Florence Welch’s voice itself. After the success of their debut album, Lungs, the band gained critical acclaim from their singer drowning her heart’s sorrow in a mixture of eccentric and obsessive romantic ballads. Last year, we visited the group at their Abbey Road studios. See what unfolded in the video above.

Last week, Florence + the Machine’s latest video “Lover to Lover” debuted, illustrating a single from their second album, Ceremonials. Directed by Vincent Haycock, who previously directed the video for Spiritualized’s “Little Girl,” “Lover to Lover” features Welch clearly still plagued by her feminine demons, moving between rough seas and burning furniture…