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Insa Brings Armageddon To Los Angeles In His Latest GIF-iti

The street artist brought Stanley Donwood’s album artwork for Atoms For Peace’s debut to life.

Only last week we were discussing the digitalization of graffiti and street art from a new generation of artists who are embracing the internet not only as a medium to showcase, but also augment their work. One of the artists we called out was Insa and his GIF-iti art, where he creates eye-catching designs on the street and turns them into animated GIFs.

His latest one is a collaborative piece with Stanley Donwood called Hollywood Dooom and was made to celebrate the release of Atoms For Peace‘s (the supergroup featuring Thom Yorke and Flea, among others) debut album AMOK. Insa painted Donwood’s apocalyptic album artwork on XL’s offices in L.A., using his painstaking repainting technique to bring the black and white scenes, depicting the end of days for Hollywood, to life.


Here’s what Insa says about the piece, which you can check out below:

My challenge was to take two very static items, a beautiful lino-cut and a less beautiful box of a building, and bring them to life. After a week of sweating in the Los Angeles late summer sun re-painting the whole building several times I got there. Animated as a continuous GIF it may only live online but some would argue that is where most now live there lives…