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Monsters And Demons In Hot Pursuit In Woodkid's Video For "Run Boy Run"

Another black and white nightmare from the French director-turned-musician.

Woodkid started out by directing videos for some of pop music’s biggest stars, bringing a fuzzy, nostalgic aesthetic to songs by Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Rey. For his own videos, Woodkid takes a more decidedly abstract approach, fitting the vibe of his songs.

Somewhat in the vein of last year’s “Iron,” his new video for “Run Boy Run” is a black and white childhood nightmare of monstrous proportions, like Where The Wild Things Are turned into a bad trip. The titular boy is most certainly running like his ass is on fire, being pursued by horned elemental beasts rising out of the ground. His safe haven, in the form of a stark white castle, constantly seems just out of reach. So epic is the action that it will have you yelling the song’s title at your screen.

See some stills from the video below.