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For $75, a Real-Life Mom Will Critique Your Website Design

A new service will tell you if moms can navigate your interface.

The internet would be a better place if websites were designed for a mother to use. Now it soon might be with The User is My Mom, a new service that combats confusing user interfaces.

The premise is simple: For $75, a kind-looking mother named Pam will critique the look of a website. The analysis includes a screencast from said mother picking apart confusing parts of the website, like that innocuous hamburger-like tab on the side.

"You should design with your mother in mind," the site says. "If she can't understand your site, others will struggle as well." That's important wisdom that many newly designed websites forget nowadays because they're seeking fame over function.

The User Is My Mom is based off The User Is Drunk, a similar idea that examines if websites could be operated by a drunk person. Both of the creators are friends, but the mother of the man who created The User Is Drunk had "too much on her plate."

Just watch her brutal technique of Twitter. "I don't even know what Twitter is," says Pam, highlighting the social network's biggest problem.

The internet needs more Pams from save us from confusing websites.