Now You Can Explore Parts of Britain’s Geology in ‘Minecraft’


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Now You Can Explore Parts of Britain’s Geology in ‘Minecraft’

You might be able to destroy them, too.
Rachel Pick
New York, US

The British Geological Survey has created three-dimensional Minecraft models of several locations in the country, including Ingleborough (above), York (below), and West Thurrock (two below).

The models include roads and buildings above ground, so the viewer can orient themselves. But because the builders used "glass" blocks below the surface, they can also see what's going on belowground. "These models show how the geology rises and falls, and overlaps and folds, at different depths," the Society writes.

When the Danish Geodata Agency created a model of their country in 2014, they forgot to disable a feature that includes dynamite, so players immediately started blowing it up. No word yet on whether the British models are also ripe for destruction.