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Watch Explosions in the Sky’s Gorgeous New Stop-Motion Video for “The Ecstatics”

The latest clip from 'The Wilderness' was directed by stop-motion artist Hayley Morris.

Explosions in the Sky's new video for "The Ecstatics," the latest clip from their seventh studio album The Wilderness, is beautiful. Directed by stop-motion artist Hayley Morris, it's as intricate and engrossing as the track itself, shifting from image to image—a hand, a deer, the nervous system—without ever disorienting the viewer. When the underwater electronics of the song's first half give way to Chris Hrasky's drums, the light streams into both the video and the mix, a blend of water, paper, and sand in a vortex on screen, and music box guitars behind.


After almost two decades, it's remarkable that EITS are still finding ways to twist their sound into new and unseen shapes. If you haven't listened to The Wilderness already, go do that. But first, watch the video below.

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