Our Best Leftover Turkey Recipes

From deep-fried stuffing balls with gravy to turkey tikka masala, here's how to finish your Thanksgiving leftovers without getting bored.
December 30, 2016, 12:00pm

It's the week after Christmas dinner. You've consumed around 9,000 calories. You got into a heated political debate with a bunch of baby boomers. You might have drank too much.

But, with any luck, there's a bunch of leftovers in the fridge. Ideally, a pile of presumably dry (unless you've followed our tips) turkey. Turkey isn't exactly the sexiest food to look at the morning after it has been carved, but with a little creativity you can revive even the blandest bird.


So we've rounded up some of the best leftover turkey recipes from some of our favourite chefs.


RECIPE: Turkey Chili

This turkey recipe is courtesy of Bronsolino right-hand man Meyhem Lauren. He's been perfecting this chili since the age of ten and he let us in on his magical spice blend when he whipped it up in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen.


RECIPE: Turkey Pozole

Don't make fake chicken soup. Turkey is turkey, and it deserves better than being treated like chicken's dry, lean sibling. That's why this year is different. You're going to whip out the guajillo, arbol, and morita chilies and make a turkey pozole that looks as vibrant as it tastes.


Photo via Flickr user Williams Neuheisel.

RECIPE: Turkey in Blackened Chile Mole

Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food and Mission Cantina, who gave us this recipe, knows a thing or two about how to give your food a real kick. The perfect solution: a recado negro, or blackened mole sauce. A mix of charred chili peppers and Mexican spices will breathe new life into even the most despondent platter of breast meat.

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And if you want to read more about Bowien's leftover turkey philosophy, check out the article he wrote for us about fried rice.