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Someone Worked Out How Much Frozen Pizza You Buy in a Year

According to new figures from market analysts Kantar Worldpanel, UK sales of shop-bought pizza have risen to almost £1 billion. Bottom line: you probably eat a lot of frozen pizza.
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Shop-bought pizza can solve many of life's problems. Crawling towards payday on a shoestring? Get all your food groups on one crispy base, courtesy of Dr. Oetker. Find yourself alone of an evening with only the cat for company? Avoid the pitying look of the Deliveroo guy and still get your pepperoni fix. Need to impress a date? Seal the deal with a PizzaExpress Sloppy Giuseppe, lovingly reheated from scratch.


You might think that your little trips to the supermarket freezer section are NBD, but according to a new report, those two-for-one pies soon add up.

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New figures from market analysts Kantar Worldpanel show that UK sales of shop-bought pizza have risen to almost £1 billion in the past year. Bottom line: you probably eat a lot of frozen pizza. In fact, Kantar found that Brits buy pizza from the supermarket an average of 14.4 times a year.

While you might think that picking up a Goodfella's Margherita once a month doesn't do much harm, Kantar's findings suggest that we aren't just dropping one pie into the trolley each time. The report estimates that the volume of pizza purchased per shopping trip averages out to 608 grams—roughly equivalent to two pizzas. Times that by the average number of shopping trips in which pizzas are purchased and you're looking at 29 boxes of doughy, cheesy goodness consumed every year.

And that's not including the ten takeout pizzas you order each month.

What kind of pizza are Brits raiding their supermarkets for? The figures suggest frozen pizza is falling out of favour, as sales declined by 2.7 percent over the past year. Chilled varieties, on the other hand, saw a sales boost of 6.3 percent and thin and crispy bases proved to be the most popular style of pizza overall. (Sorry, Chicago Town Deep Dish. You'll always have a place in our hearts.)

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So, whether you've had a nightmare day at work or just got ghosted by last week's Tinder date, you know the drill. Whack that oven up to 180, get the timer on and the ketchup out, and let the Ristorante Mozzarella cure all.