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Restaurant's Disturbing 'Seen Rat' Discount Goes Viral

This probably wasn't the best way to handle a customer complaint.

"SEEN RAT": That modest phrase printed in blocky black lettering on a restaurant receipt has now been circulated around every corner of the internet. The restaurant offered an arbitrary $30.95 discount to a customer at Fat's Asian Bistro in Folsom, California this week after she said she had (what else?), seen a rat while trying to enjoy her food.

After reporting the sighting to her server, nothing seemed to happen. A manager never came to the table; the waiter instead offered dessert, without missing a beat, before finally bringing over the bill with the now infamous surprise discount.

Screenshot ABC News

Screenshot ABC News

Restaurants do have a fair amount of leeway in how they decide to deal with discounts and customer satisfaction—some offer a rebate for a finely groomed beard while others honour 30-year-old coupons—but it's clear that Fat's response wasn't the most intelligent method of handing out this particular discount (you know, if for no other reason than the fact that it created photo evidence for all of the internet to see).

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Restaurant manager Kevin Fat supports his staff, but admits that his employee's response was "not normal practice."

A health inspector has since visited the premises, but found no indication of an infestation, or the presence of rats whatsoever. Although, the inspector did theorise that rat may have simply wandered in off the street—and subsequently into the annals of internet history.