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Couple Tormented by Constant Phone Calls Asking for Papa John's Pizza

Almost every night, the Strausses get a pizza order on their house phone, but they don't even make pizza and are a private residence.

If you're in or near Pasco County, Florida and Google the words "Papa John's Pizza near me," you might not get a Papa John's phone number.

Instead, there is a good chance that you will end up calling the Strauss residence, which is miles away from the nearest Papa John's and does not serve pizza, because it's a private home and not a pizzeria.

But almost every night, Elliot and Andy Strauss get attempted pizza orders on their house phone, according to local news outlet WFLA. How could this be? Well, it mostly has to do with the initial Google search; using "Papa John's Pizza near me" as search terms yields the Strauss home phone number in its results.


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"We would know because the call would come in; two minutes later, the same number would call. And we would pick it up and say, 'Are you looking for Papa John's? OK, well, here is their number,'" Andy Strauss told WFLA.

This obviously turned into a huge pain in the ass. "Especially in football season. Sunday afternoon it's like call after call after call. Saturday night, ya know, it's annoying," Elliot Strauss added.

It would seem that their phone number, which the Strausses have had for six years, once belonged to a now-closed Papa John's. Despite reaching out to Papa John's corporate, they said they've gotten no help from the pizza company on the matter and instead are relying on a local marketing firm that has volunteered to fix the listings.

Still, the Strausses say, they like Papa John's pizza. "I think they make great pizza. To tell you the truth, I do," Andy Strauss said.

Maybe it's time for the suits at Papa John's to send over a couple of complimentary pizzas to the Strausses.