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Boiler Room Is Going to China for the First Time

They'll present parties in Beijing and Shanghai this weekend in collaboration with Chinese multi-disciplinary platform dART​.
Photo of Art's Difficult, courtesy of the artist

China's dance music market has been poised to expand significantly for some time now. Commercial events catering to EDM have been growing in number, and in the view of some commentators, government sponsorship for cultural projects looks like it will facilitate dance music's emergence in the economy.

Event and livestream promoter Boiler Room seems to be getting ahead of the curve, with the news that they're set to launch their first events in the country this weekend in collaboration with Chinese multi-disciplinary platform dART.


On Saturday April 30 they'll start things off in Beijing with sets from Beijing-based SVBKVLT affiliate Kai Luen, Tresor signee SHAO, UK producer and Dirtybird boss Paul Woolford, and more. Then, the next day on May 1 they'll bring together DOT Records-founder ELVIS.T aka Art's Difficult, South African house musician Black Coffee, and Shanghai-based vocalist ChaCha, who has recorded with Kode9, The Bug, and Adrian Sherwood.

For the occasion, Boiler Room has created a channel with the online video company LeTV so the event can be broadcasted to Chinese viewers, as YouTube is blocked in the country; the livestreams will also be available on their usual

Read more about the Beijing and Shanghai events on Boiler Room's website.