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Stream Four Tracks off Bassnectar's New Album, 'Unlimited'

“This is a very deep release for me.”
Photo by Rukes, courtesy of the artist

After teasing snippets of new material on his website, devotee of dub Bassnectar today announced the full details of his upcoming twelfth studio album.

Unlimited will be out June 17 via his Amorphous Music label. The LP spans 15 tracks, of which over half are collaborations with artists including G. Jones, The Glitch Mob, Hailo, Gnar Gnar, Luzcid, and Levitate, the latter track having just appeared on Tommie Sunshine's Rave For Bernie compilation. Also included is an updated version of "The Beginning," from his 2005 album Mesmerizing the Ultra, as well as a Bassnectar remix of Crywolf's "Rising, Rising."


According to the press release, Unlimited came about during a period in which Bassnectar unplugged from the Internet and social media. It seems the time off from the rat race plays out in the album, as he describes it on his website as being "much more downtempo than usual."

"This is a very deep release for me," he elaborated. "The general theme of this album is the unlimited combinations of sound and ideas within the creative process; treating music like a sonic collage, exploring multiple simultaneous possibilities at once and wandering through the interplay between all the various layers and options. Every song has multiple versions and special hidden meaning, and alternate endings. And each song was created with you in mind… as part of an unwritten soundtrack to a future experience where your body and mind can lose themselves in the molecules, and the sound waves, and the energy."

Accompanying the album rundown is four of the new tracks in full: twinkling, zig-zagging cut "Reaching Out"; the trap-infused "Music is the Drug"; the high-voltage equivalent of shotgunning a Monster energy drink, "TKO"; and the otherworldly Glitch Mob collaboration, "Paracosm." Listen to them below, and pre-order Unlimited here.

Unlimited tracklisting:

1. Bassnectar - Reaching Out
2. Bassnectar & LUZCID - Music Is The Drug
3. Bassnectar - TKO ft. Rye Rye & Zion I
4. Bassnectar & G. Jones - Mind Tricks ft. Lafa Taylor
5. Bassnectar - Unlimited Combinations
6. Bassnectar & Levit∆te - Level Up ft. Macntaj
7. Bassnectar & Qa - Shampion Chip
8. Bassnectar - Zodgilla
9. Bassnectar & The Glitch Mob - Paracosm
10. Bassnectar & HAILO - Surrender ft. Haley
11. Bassnectar & Gnar Gnar - Dream Catcher
12. Bassnectar - Journey to the Center
13. Bassnectar - In The Beginning [2016 Version]
14. Crywolf - Rising, Rising (Bassnectar Remix)
15. Bassnectar - Inspire the Empathetic