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Aphex Twin Announced a New EP By Mailing Flyers to Record Stores

'Cheetah' is receiving a charmingly old school rollout.
Image fromthe cover of

the Richard D. James Album

Remember when Aphex Twin teased his return from the shadows a few years ago with a blimp and graffiti of his logo? Over the last couple of days, the English experimenterproved his commitment to generating excitement and mystery in charmingly old-school ways by sending flyers to record stores as a way of announcing a new EP, Cheetah.

Bearing the header "New Product Information," the flyer is written as if the EP as an instrument or piece of technology itself, advising users to "read the owners manual carefully before attempting to operate the Cheetah EP." It also offers a list of features, including "digital wave sequencing synthesizer," "multi-timbral," and "LED display," among others, but whatever all this means (some speculate it's a nod to an old synth manufacturer), you can count on it being exciting when the man born Richard D. James is involved.

There's no release date announced yet for the EP, but considering the way Warp releases seem to drop out of the sky sometimes, don't be surprised if this ends up coming sooner rather than later.

What's this? — Norman Records (@normanrecords)June 6, 2016