Pacha Plans to Open Hotels Across the Globe, but No New Clubs

They're looking to target a "new young generation" with the hotels.
October 16, 2016, 2:50pm
Photo via Flickr user BOMBMAN.

Ibiza club Pacha and the Pacha Group will continue to mark their global expansion in the new year.

According to reports from The Sunday Times, the Pacha Group plans to open 25 hotels and spa resorts around the world. Although the hotels and spas will be franchises for local partners, the Pacha Group will employ a brand manager to make sure locations comply with their brand standards.

One of their first and largest target markets will be London. The group aims to cater to what they call a "new young generation" between the ages of 38 and 45. According to the paper, this generation has, "more money than millennials and more experience."

Other hotels will open in Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, China and Japan. Although each hotel will include a restaurant, a spa and a shop selling items connected to Pacha in Ibiza, they have no new plans to open more clubs.

In late 2015, Pacha NYC closed its doors after 10 years. In September, Ibiza's Pacha was raided by local police.