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SOPHIE Follows Up Sale of Musical Dildos with New Single, "MSMSMSM"

The producer continues his formula of combining plasticine sound design and hard-hitting, minimalist trap production to great effect.
September 30, 2015, 4:56pm

We hadn't heard much from SOPHIE in a while until yesterday, but now some exciting new things are emerging from the producer. Yesterday we announced that he would be selling a forthcoming singles collection in the form of a dildo via their webshop, and now Zane Lowe has just premiered a new single, entitled "MSMSMSM." The classically SOPHIE album art is viewable above.

It's a bit less direct than SOPHIE's previous material, but continues his combination of plasticine sound design, and hard-hitting, minimalist trap production. There's also a startling and kind of uncomfortable breakdown: instead of the form's anticipated tension-building and euphoric chords, we hear a solo organ composition which might otherwise have a home on an avant garde release for ECM Records. Take it for a spin below:

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