This story is over 5 years old.

​Jamaica Suk is Bringing Bay Area Melody to Berlin Techno

On the eve of releasing her tremendous 'Trusst' EP, the SF-transplant drops a fittingly epic guest mix.

With the release of her Trusst EP on upstart label Face to Face, Berlin transplant Jamaica Suk is stridently bringing a crop of Bay Area flower power to the churning energy of Berlin techno.

All this is perfectly evidenced on the titular lead track from the EP, an engrossing 8-minute minimal number that finds its voice in the breakdowns as stuttering, plucked melodies float into the air like you're in the waiting room to heaven, even despite the relentlessly regurgitating kick that sits directly underneath, a constant reminder of the darkness that lurks beneath.

Suk's musicality was developed playing in psychedelic rock bands back in San Francisco. That knack for instruments comes in handy in Berlin, where the techno scene could be criticized for eschewing melody for atmosphere.

But hey, don't take our word for it. We've got Jamaica in for 61 minutes of guest mix. Even with the occasional dash of melodic color, it's as dark, sinister, immersive and moving as you could hope for from a fast-developing artist rising from the depths of Berlin's underground.

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