Watch The Chainsmokers Become This Generation’s Smash Mouth by Covering Smash Mouth

When life imitates memes imitates life.
March 17, 2017, 5:35pm
Photo via The Chainsmokers' Twitter.

Last night at SXSW, dance duo turned Grammy-winning pop stars The Chainsmokers cemented their place in music history as this generation's Smash Mouth by covering Smash Mouth.

If you didn't think Smash Mouth's "All Star" could get any more unbearable after hearing it every 30 seconds on the radio in 1999, or in a version where every note is C, you clearly haven't heard it mashed up with The Chainsmokers' equally inescapable 2016 ear-worm "Closer."

Back in November, Filipino mash-up DJ DjDwibbit made ripples in the Internet by mashing up the two tracks, but the dance duo's performance (starring Chainsmoker Drew Taggart's own "All Star" vocals) brought the mini-meme to life, courtesy of a video recorded by Stereogum's Chris DeVille. They also apparently performed a mash-up of "Roses" and Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge," because why not turn your show into an all-out karaoke fest?

Watch it all go down below. Recently we asked ourselves if The Chainsmokers are the next Nickelback (who they've also mashed up in a "Paris"/"How You Remind Me" medley") or really "just frat bro dudes" in disguise.

The Chainsmokers performed a very special version of "Closer" last night
— Chris DeVille (@chrisdeville) March 17, 2017