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RJD2 Was Supposedly Almost Pulled from an American Airlines Flight Over a Bag of Records

The producer was evidently told: "if you say one more thing about this, I'm pulling you off of this flight."
April 10, 2016, 10:00pm
Photo by Nick Fancher

Like most longtime veterans of the DJ business, RJD2, who's real name is Ramble Jon Krohn, follows a methodology to how he travels with his gear and merch. That procedure appeared to be interrupted today after a soft bag containing the producer's records was pulled from a security check and barred from being a "carry-on."

On a flight from San Francisco, Krohn who takes his records with him on the flight deck, was evidently told his bag was too big for storage underneath his seat and would need to be put in cargo. Krohn took to twitter to air out his complaint.

Krohn claimed to have been stowing his records under his seat of the same flight for years , and went back and forth with American Airlines about proving it:

Finally American Airlines responded:

It appears the bag was actually never measured for qualification and was eventually checked-in for stowaway. Krohn tweeted that this was done as a lesson to him:

Even still, the producer was still granted entry into the plane. On the flight, Krohn responded to supporters wishing him luck on the fate of his bag, including American Airlines twitter, which was more sympathetic to him than the check-in team.

Upon landing, Krohn (and by now many of his followers) waited with baited breath for his bag to come out of baggage claim. Fortunately, little damage was done.

The records at the center of this were most likely copies of RJD2's new album Dame Fortune, which was released on March 25.