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The New DUST Video is Full of Perfect Butts and Animal Guts

Do you get off to zombie nurses and sticky milk? If so, "Feel It" is for you.

Hey, would you like a nice cold-pressed organic juice packed with flax seeds, bee pollen and coffee (fair-trade, of course) for $10? Ooh, that would be so refreshing, wouldn't it? Well, fuck you. Here's a smoothie full of sticky milk and ground-up octopus guts instead. It's free, and it comes with this new video from DUST, so bottoms up.

Stomach-churning smoothies are just the beginning of "Feel It," a new music video from a self-described "noise-pop techno collective" called DUST. The group's output is highly sporadic and unpredictable—but that's what makes them so fun to keep tabs on.


"Feel It" is enveloped in a vaguely erotic creepiness, and in some ways seems to evoke The Knife's twisted theatricality. Warped and pitched-down vocals slide over slowly uncoiling grooves while a demented party unfolds in a tricked-out RV. According to director Wooje Kim, the visuals were inspired by the collective's live performances (their last one was at the closing party for 285 Kent). Phrases Kim imagined, like "sticky milk, smoke, self-fetish, octopus, and raw meat," materialized into theatrical visual gags and formed the basis for the video's loose narrative. Somehow, it all works. Prosciutto-covered steering wheels next to plump butts in leopard booty shorts have never looked so good.

Dust's Feel It EP is out March 24th on Mannequin Records. Get it here