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Nicola Cruz Enlists History Of Colour for a Blissfully Tranquil Dub Remix

The Ecuadorian producer is gearing up to release a remix album and go on his first-ever US tour.
May 31, 2016, 8:50pm
Photo courtesy of the artist

Ecuadorian producer, Nicola Cruz, is gearing up to embark on his first-ever US tour this summer, an occasion that will coincide with the release of a remix album of his 2015 debut Prender El Alma. To celebrate these announcements, today the Nicolas Jaar collaborator has exclusively shared a first glimpse of that record, courtesy of the half-Amsterdam, half-Buenos Aires based duo History Of Colour. Paired with a fittingly fauna-strewn, lightly sparkling video below, the track is a blissfully lucid excursion through slow-moving dub techno, active enough to grip your attention yet still maintaining a welcome sense of tranquility.


"Robin Perkins (El Buho) and Agustin Rivaldo (Barrio Lindo) have been crafting their own projects for quite a while, getting to a point of maturity and in composition," explained Cruz to THUMP via email. "Both form the collective 'History of Colour', a blend of never-ending arpeggios and bass-gravity, giving 'Colibria,' in particular, a unique perspective. This is not an easy song to remix, I've tried it a couple of times and haven't felt the edge that this remix delivers. They took 'Colibria' into the opposite direction, just what you expect of a remix."

Prender El Alma Remixed will be released by Buenos Aires imprint ZZK on June 10, and is currently available for preorder on iTunes.

Nicola Cruz tour dates:
June 16 - Barcelona – Sonar
June 18 - Marseille - Friche La Belle de Mai
June19 - Berlin - Kater Blau
June 24 - Hamburg - Golem Club
June 25 - Avila - Tropical Camp
June 29-30 - Berlin - Fusion
July1 - Paris - Garorock Festival
July 2 - St Denis de Gastines - Au Foin de la Rue
July 5 - Madrid - Frinje
July 6 - Ibiza - TBA
July 7 - Berlin - Renate
July 12-13- France - TBA
July 14 - Mikonos - Skorpios
July 16 - St Aubin sur Mer - Pete the Monkey
July 17 - Madrid - TBA
July 20 - Ibiza - TBA
July 22 - Porto - Milhoes Festival
July 29 - Miami, FL - Bespoke Musik @ Electric Pickle
July 30 - New York, NY - Bespoke Musik Boat Cruise @ Circle Line Cruises
Aug 4 - Chicago, IL - TusSoni2 @ East Room
Aug 9 - San Francisco, CA - Soundpieces @ Monarch
Aug 10 - Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf
Aug 11 - Los Angeles, CA - Low End Theory @ The Roxy
Aug 12 - Seattle, WA - Solid Sound @ Nectar's Lounge
Aug 13 - Tidewater, OR - Beloved Music Festival
Sep 25 - Oakdale, CA - Symbiosis Gathering

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