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Video: The Apocalypse - Day Zero

Journey with Crosstown Rebels to a Mayan jungle party at the end of the world.

On December 20 and 21, 2012 Crosstown Rebels assembled a selection of the finest electronic artists on earth and flew them down to sun-soaked Playa del Carmen, Mexico for Day Zero, an event that celebrated the momentous end-of-the-world cycle, as decreed by the ancient Mayans.

The occasion marked the enddate of a 25,625-year-long cycle and the fifth and final cycle of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Waves of transformative mystery, magic, and expectation washed across the blissful crowd, who ushered the inauguration of a new reality. Also, the world did not end. Praise Jah.


On January 11, the Crosstown Rebels crew—in collaboration with Secret Productions (Wilderness Festival, formerly Secret Garden Party)—will again return to the pyramids and the jungle to "refocus, reconnect, and realize" at Day Zero: Year One. Get your loincloths ready, but before you do watch this beautiful (and trippy) video we made.

Mathew Jonson - "In Search of a New Planet with Oxygen"
Art Department - "Crazy"
Francesca Lombardo - "Cosmic Dancer"
Eduardo Castillo - "Ahometa Kuyaxi"
Acid Pauli & NU - "12"
All tracks courtesy of Crosstown Rebels and the artists.